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Looks Rule, when it comes to money and many financial matters, both directly and indirectly related to physical attractiveness.

Money and physical attractiveness interrelate inseparably.  A person’s level of physical attractiveness translates into financial consequences that span a person’s life.  Higher and lower physical attractiveness generally equates respectively with higher and lower finances, both costs and benefits.  The connection between physical attractiveness and money motivates substantial expenditures in time, effort, and money.

Beauty by whatever name -- looks, appearance, or physical attractiveness -- is big business.  It impacts every individual (from birth to death, throughout every community, across the United States and around the world) regardless of sex or gender, regardless of age, and regardless of practically every socioeconomic and demographic variable imaginable.  In-turn, all people alter their inherited looks with corresponding financial effects.

Not surprisingly, pursuits to maintain and enhance physical attractiveness underlie an immense array of related products, services, and opportunities to provide happiness and satisfaction…at a price.  Therefore, plans are underway to present information accordingly.  Please check back at a later time when this section of this Looks Rule website is more fully developed.

Thank you, Gordon Patzer


Looks Rule
Money and finances comprise this website section.  When fully developed, financial matters related directly to physical attractiveness will present pertinent discussions, factual data, analyses, business developments, medical innovations, and financial advice complete with specific investment recommendations.  The content will be clearly designated either as facts and events that have occurred or speculation about things reasonably likely to occur. 

In addition to discussing a variety of financial matters pertinent to physical attractiveness, which will include a rather standard reasoned  economic forecast, two primary emphases to be presented in this website section are:
Physical Attractiveness Price Index -- PAPI
· Physical Attractiveness Investment Advisor -- PAIA
Physical Attractiveness Price Index -- PAPI

The Physical Attractiveness Price Index (PAPI) will track the costs for products, procedures, and services that represent a defined “physical attractiveness market basket.”  This “market basket” will be a combination or collection of multiple pertinent prices to form a single price index.   This index will be updated annually or more frequently as demand, supply, and inflation influence pertinent prices.  Once adequately developed, this website section will supplement the “market basket” index with presentation of additional prices for both individual component prices that makes-up the index and prices of other pertinent products, procedures, and services particular to physical attractiveness.

Physical Attractiveness Investment Advisor -- PAIA

Once adequately developed, this website section will present information, discussion, and recommendations for financial investment choices.  The recommendations will regard companies, products, procedures, and services within the juxtaposition between physical attractiveness phenomenon and financial investment opportunities.  These opportunities will encompass advice about the most prudent stock market buys-and-sells regardless whether the stock is for companies identified with headquarters located domestically in the United States or internationally in another country.  With highly infrequent exception, the stocks will be listed on one of the three major stock exchanges in the United States: NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX.

Advice offered will be for individuals and organizations that wish such information, analysis, and guidance.  The advice will identify individual stocks and will identify a collection of stocks put forth to comprise a mutual fund product identified as the Physical Attractiveness Investment Fund-PAIF.  Because of money manager policies, procedures, and laws, neither Gordon Patzer nor this Looks Rule website will collect, receive, or in any way manage related money.  Investors will be, instead, directed with recommendation to one or more of the many companies that transact stock market buys and sells.

The Physical Attractiveness Investment Advisor (PAIA) and thus the Physical Attractiveness Investment Fund (PAIF) will focus on investment grade stocks.  Of course, particular emphasis will be placed on businesses, products, procedures, services, professionals, and other entities that are particularly pertinent to appearance, especially physical attractiveness and the physical attractiveness phenomenon.  It is believe that strategic timing, combined with complexities, enormousness, and importance of the physical attractiveness phenomenon, along with corresponding ramifications and applications, provide untapped opportunities to invest profitably.  As with all investments, past performance of stocks suggested here does not assure future performance.

The mission and vision of the Physical Attractiveness Investment Advisor (PAIA) and thus the Physical Attractiveness Investment Fund (PAIF) will be to achieve higher returns on money invested than might be achieved in alternate investments.  As noted above, the focus will be on businesses particularly pertinent to the appearance and physical attractiveness phenomenon.  The investment philosophy and operating procedures will be consistent with sound, proven, financial investment practices while utilizing (i.e., exploiting) well documented knowledge about the physical attractiveness phenomenon.  Also as noted above, as with all investments, the past performance of stocks suggested here does not assure future performance.

Analysis and Perspective:  Experienced and Informed

People frequently speak about “the foreseeable future,” but much about the future is not really foreseeable.  For most topics in life, it is not possible to know with certainty that something is going to happen before it does.  No area in life is more uncertain than what might happen precisely in the financial markets of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and the economy of a country.  The best that can be done when making predictions, projections, and speculations about future events, particularly concerning economic matters, is to do so from a basis of information and experience.

In addition to presenting factual data and news about the current and from the past, this website section will provide advice that involves future contexts.  Accordingly, Gordon Patzer will provide his experienced, informed perspective for the content of this money-financial website section.  The advice will recommend pertinent stock market choices that utilize his real-world financial expertise, investing experience, and formal academic training.

Gordon Patzer's expertise concerning finance and physical attractiveness reflects a recognized, respected, and long-term commitment to these topics; separately and together.  As well as pertinent university degrees earned and work experience performed, hundreds of researchers and scholars have cited formally his published analyses and perspectives, while scores of reporters for popular mass media have published interview quotes. For example:
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· Dateline NBC -- the national American primetime television news program -- reported that, “Dr. Patzer has spent more than 30 years studying physical attractiveness.”  (January 11, 2004, broadcast that featured his expert analyses and on-camera commentary for a lengthy program segment investigating a comprehensive range of related situations and dynamics.)
· The Today Show -- the national American morning television news-talk program -- featured him on-camera to provide expert analysis about findings from a research project performed by The Federal Reserve Bank specific to physical attractiveness phenomenon.  (July 25, 2005, broadcast)
· The O’Reilly Factor (hosted by Bill O’Reilly) -- nationally syndicated radio talk program orginating in NYC -- guested him for a 30-minute segment focused on a related legal case.  (January 9, 2007, broadcast)
· Newspapers and magazines as diverse as Crain’s New York Business, The Washington Post, Investment News, Los Angeles Times, Working Woman, Harper's Bazaar, Mademoiselle, Elle, Self, and Cosmopolitan, have cited his name and expertise in connection to interviews and quotes.
· CNN.com, MSN.com, CareerBuilder.com, and WebMD.com are widely accessed Internet Websites that have featured articles with interviews and and quotes citing his name and related expertise.
· California State University has acknowledged his service and contributions as a university busienss school Dean and tenured professor of business administratoin with their lifetime title of Professor Emeritus.  (This honor awarded at conclusion of his term as Dean of the College of Buisness and Public Administration at Califonria State Univeristy in San Bernardino, to become Dean of the Walter E. Heller College of Business Administration at Roosevelt University in Chicago).
· University experience and recognitions include employment in managerial-leadership positions for 22 years -- 2 years as a university business school Dean proceeded by 10 years as a university business school department Chair -- during which time his activities included published analysis and commentary about the economy along with economic forecasts.
· Formal education includes an earned M.B.A. (University of Minnesota) and Ph.D. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University) in business administration, as well as M.S. and B.A. degrees in psychology.
· For more complete resume credentials see www.GordonPatzer.com
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